Ares exchange platform is a professional financial services company registered in the united Arab emirates, the united Arab emirates RAK regulation (membership no. : 6006009), in addition has many exchanges of qualification of the member that will, with a very high market reputation in the industry, the company will provide retail foreign exchange services to investors, thanks to the Internet, and for Banks and other institutions and individual investors to provide a wide variety of financial derivatives, Technology, providing customers with ares MT4 stable point differential platform, and has the exclusive exclusive clearing channels, compared with the previous trading platform, to a greater extent to meet the needs of investors, as is known to all, financial market is like a huge, complicated, multi-level network, a financial derivatives service provider's strength and the relationship between it and the financial markets and its advantages and disadvantages of the intimate contact trade channels, in the middle of the UAE united Arab emirates (UAE) bank, HSBC, citigroup, HSBC, Citibank, bank, Standard Chartered, Barclays Barclays bank, Standard Chartered bank, Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs group inc. and other international financial institutions under the support of top, even in the foreign exchange market liquidity under the condition of the poor ares also can get relatively optimal market price and the price difference, thanks in large part to ensure that the interests of investors.

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