About ARES

Company profile

Ares exchange platform is a professional financial services company registered in the united Arab emirates, the united Arab emirates RAK regulation (membership no. : 6006009), in addition has many exchanges of qualification of the member that will, with a very high market reputation in the industry, the company will provide retail foreign exchange services to investors, thanks to the Internet, and for Banks and other institutions and individual investors to provide a wide variety of financial derivatives,

Technology, providing customers with ares MT4 stable point differential platform, and has the exclusive exclusive clearing channels, compared with the previous trading platform, to a greater extent to meet the needs of investors, as is known to all, financial market is like a huge, complicated, multi-level network, a financial derivatives service provider's strength and the relationship between it and the financial markets and its advantages and disadvantages of the intimate contact trade channels, in the middle of the UAE united Arab emirates (UAE) bank, HSBC, citigroup, HSBC, Citibank, bank, Standard Chartered, Barclays Barclays bank, Standard Chartered bank, Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs group inc. and other international financial institutions under the support of top, even in the foreign exchange market liquidity under the condition of the poor ares also can get relatively optimal market price and the price difference, thanks in large part to ensure that the interests of investors.

The company mission
      ARES financial's mission is to promote the most advanced financial transactions and services, to improve the recognition of global investors for financial products and investment ability, help investors around the world to promote the quality investment and to improve its investment environment.
The company promises
      ARES financial thought:
      Healthy investment behavior is the key to wealth; It should be rooted in the steady investment spirit and the successful development of private investment; And favorable investment environment for the prosperity of society is necessary, and will contribute to raising the level of investor. We seek through investment behavior response to customers, sharing success and the lessons learned and constantly improve the customer's investment performance.
Under trading and daily work abide by the principle of good faith:
1. Ensure that ourselves and our customers to comply with the highest professional and ethical standards;
2. Remember the enterprise good governance in each service management and the importance of value;
3. Strive to be transparent, responsible and fair;
4. Between each other, their relations with our customers, honest, open and fair.
Our common principles and practice:
Ares as global investment institutions and advisory body to the investment level of the investors in the region to promote the sustainable development of the has benefits in terms of investment, in the fund management and fund operation is robust, in terms of investment environment with sustainable and long-term effect.
The company service
      Technical support
      As is known to all, financial market is like a huge, complicated, multi-level network, the strength of the service provider a financial derivatives and financial market transactions with the merits of the channels of the intimate contact. In the foreign exchange market under the condition of poor liquidity ARES FOREX can get relatively optimal market quotation and price, thanks in large part to ensure the interests of investors.
When it comes to the company advantage can't ignore the financial system technology, ARES FOREX located all over the world technical team adhering to the years professional technology research and development strength, for investors to create a more secure and reliable network environment, and the optimization of various innovative online trading products, long-term commitment to achieve the perfect combination of Internet and financial transactions.
Professional customer service guarantee
ARES FOREX strives to provide conform to the highest moral laws of business transactions. ARES FOREX knew is the only way to gain customer trust and customer to establish a good respect, obey the law. Has a good reputation is the key to the success of any business operation, therefore ARES FOREX think employees should follow these important code of conduct. Relying on the stability of the trading platform software and excellent professional service team to build a good reputation for a long time, ARES FOREX won the trust of many customers around the world.