Risk Disclosure

Risk disclosure statement
This brief statement does not disclose the trading foreign exchange contracts of all risks and other significant matters. In view of the existence of such risks, the client should be in the customer understand the nature of the contract and will only reach a contractual relationship and customers under the premise of risk degree can only be traded. Engaged in the foreign exchange contracts may not be suitable for some customers. Customer shall pay the relevant taxes in accordance with the customer experience, objectives, financial resources and other relevant information carefully consider whether trading is suitable for the customer.
1. "leverage" effect. Foreign exchange contracts with high risk. The amount of initial margin is very low compared to the value of the foreign exchange contracts, thus belongs to leveraged deals. A relatively small market volatility is likely to have or need to deposit the money to customers a proportionately larger impact. It may develop in a direction against or for customers. Customers can be completely loss of initial margin funds and to maintain the customer's position and any other money deposited in the company.
2. Order to reduce risk and strategy. "Stop-loss" or "price" order condition such as order, especially in a very volatile market conditions, will not necessarily limit customer's loss to the expected amount, because market conditions may make impossible to execute such orders. Such as "carry" and "plate" positions such as the use of combined positioning strategy may be as simple to maintain "bull" or "short" positions as dangerous.
3. The charge. Prior to start trading on the customer, the customer response to client may pay all charges have a clear understanding. These charges will affect customer's net profit (if any) or increase the loss of customers.
4. Electronic trading. Through the electronic trading system to deal with not only open-outcry market is different, but also different from other electronic trading systems. If the customer through the electronic trading system for trading, customer will face risks associated electronic trading system, including any failure of hardware and software. The result of any system failure may lead to customers' orders not according to the customer's instruction execution or not enforced. Due to Ares not control signal power, its reaction, or the path of the Internet, customer equipment configuration or reliability of its connection, Ares when trading on-line (via Internet) cannot be responsible for communication failures, disorder, or delay. In any case, Ares are no profit potential future losses of speculative or expected damage compensation responsibility.
5. Limitation of liability. Clients to accept Ares in accordance with the "original state" any trading system, Ares does not provide guarantee, express or implied, including but not limited to, merchantability or meet certain purpose, purpose or application of implied warranty; Ensure timely, will not be interference; Or because of trading in the process of use, transaction or to perform any implied warranty. In any case, Ares are not any punitive, indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss or damages, including business, profit and loss of goodwill. Ares is not right for any reason (including but not limited to hardware or software failures; regulation; natural disasters, war, terrorism, or our intentional act) or services or transfer delay or disruption caused by Ares or its affiliated parties system performance cannot be liable to the customer. Customer recognition, in the use of the possible delay or interrupt our systems, including, for example, Ares for system maintenance purposes intentionally caused by the delay or interrupt. Ares is no guarantee that a particular time will provide alternative trading arrangement, Ares are not responsible for order delay.
6. The security deposit. Ares margin policies require customer account should always maintain the proper margin. Failed to meet the margin requirements may lead to settle any existing positions and produce loss. Such as the margin is lower than the Ares of one account minimum margin margin policy requirements of customers, Ares reserves the right to settle all positions without further notice.
7. Error quotation. If the quotation mistakes (including but not limited to Ares offer typing mistakes, does not represent a fair market price quotation, Ares employees reported error quotation, including but not limited to the wrong quotation of large number or due to the hardware, software, communications lines or system and/or third party suppliers of error sources of external data is not accurate quotation), Ares shall have no liability for account balance produced by mistake. Listed above is not the end, when the quotation mistakes, Ares retained on the account involved rights necessary corrections or adjustments. If there is a system error, no charge interest in accordance with the plan or pay interest, Ares reserve at any time will draw missing interest or right into the accounts.
8. The third party authorization. Such as customer granted to a third party trading advisers (e.g., money managers) trading authority or control of the customer's account, whether it be a full authority or a full authority, in any case, Ares are not responsible for auditing the client's choice of the advisers, also don't offer any advice. Ares no any trading advisers make any representation or warranty; Ares no advisers behavior may result in any loss to the customer is responsible for; And Ares by implied or otherwise, not endorse or approve any transaction advisory operation method. Such as a money manager authorized to the customer's account to exercise any right, the client shall at their own risk. Client shall regularly check activities in customer's account to ensure that the client's money manager on behalf of clients, trading after customer's approval.
9. The risk of bankruptcy protection. Customers by Ares is engaged in the trading is not on the exchanges. The protection of clients' money received may be different from a priority in bankruptcy margin use of funds or guarantee exchange-traded futures and options contracts are protected. Given for otc forex trading and other online products trading derivatives contracts or money can't get the same priority, such as Ares insolvency, and customers to deposit funds or trade through the Ares Ares claim to earn a profit, customer claims may not be able to get priority. No priority, customer's general creditors, customers will claim as the common creditors' claims, and other from after payment has priority of claim for repayment of the remaining amount. Even the Ares which is separated from client own operating funds deposit of client money may not from other general creditors and creditors' claims will have priority.
The volatile market conditions. Trading sometimes faced sharp fluctuations in market conditions, such as: critical news release may make additional risks to customers, including customer may not be able to get the requested price risk. In the volatile market, Ares can guarantee does not guarantee its price.
11. The simulation conditions. Simulation may be different from the real conditions. Therefore, in a simulated trading account customers should not believe in the real business is bound to be the same result.