Regulatory safeguards

Regulatory security 

      RAK financial regulation is famous for its extremely strict regulatory system all over the world, and to accept the supervision of enterprises and institutions to perform the highest level of law enforcement. RAK financial regulation, like other global regulators, also is the most strict with one of the regulators authorized access. 

Independent accounts separate 

      Ares will hold client money placed in separate accounts, and the company may also have other accounts of phase separation. 
Ares has independent deal with clients' money, the security also have business dealings with ares of bank's commitment to provide financial services bank ares of commercial debt or by the security of the third party applications will not be involved in the separate accounts. 
If bankruptcy, ares customer in separate accounts of the money will be protected, and cannot be used by other creditors. 
Once received clients' money, ares daily through the perfect remittance processing program, to ensure the safety of the customer all the money to the separate accounts, and have no rights to be used to pay or offset ARESFOREX provide service for it later.