Technical Support

  ARES platform full use of the world's leading STP + ECN technology

  ARES MT4 uses the world's leading STP / ECN trading technology. STP full name Straight Through Processing, that is, straight-through processing system. All customer orders in the platform will be sent directly to the international multinational banks and through the system automatically match the first time to take effect. STP brokers are not involved in specific foreign exchange transactions, but for traders to provide direct access to the real foreign exchange market channels. The choice of STP brokerage is more straightforward processing to maximize the order to enhance the speed of execution and reduce the possibility of third-party intervention.

  Select ARES, we ensure that:

  100% trade transparency

  The ARES Forex Trading Platform brings together all participants' transaction requests and connects customer orders to the open interbank market. Traders in the platform of the counterparties are the world's major foreign exchange banks, financial institutions or individual investors. In the ARES platform trading interface, traders can easily browse the target product of all the bid price and choose the most appropriate contract from the transaction.

  Completely anonymous transactions

  In the ARES platform without trader mode, traders need not worry about their "whereabouts" are monitored. When the trader enters or performs a specific operation, there will be no "hand" to track it, nor will the "internal digest" trader order the order, on the contrary, all orders in the platform system are passed The ECN electronic network is automatically executed anonymously at the first time.

  Transaction funds and account security

  The ARES Forex Trading Platform has a complete set of advanced trading systems and system processes that play a vital role in the transmission of trader market data. Traders do not have to worry about personal capital flows. As a result of full electronic operation, ARES does not engage in direct transactions between the buyers and sellers, nor will they profit from price intervention. The customer's funds are entirely dependent on the market price changes of the investment products.

  Trading speed

  100% order of automatic execution, more stable platform performance, more efficient order execution efficiency, price fluctuations are relatively frequent, conducive to ultra-short-term traders operating