Largest investment platform for investors the sense of responsibility, is to make investors to put their rational thinking in the first place, the good faith for this is that investors should maintain state of mind.
Investors are four Suggestions:
1, don't ignore stop loss
Self-confidence is essential qualities a successful investor, and too confident, will certainly lead to disaster for the investors. Confidence and the meaning of overconfidence is not the same. Self-confidence refers to the market movement when a temporary not equal to idea, also can stick to the deal, disciplined, defeat the fear. And overconfidence, refers to the trading, ignore the importance of stop-loss, his decision as a perfect can do no wrong, or that little probability event could not have happened. Such overly confident trader is unlikely to set stop-loss, nature also impossible stop loss. Without the stop-loss, is like a car without brakes, bad roads and emergency, must be doomed.
2, don't go for huge profits
The pursuit of interests is the human nature, it is because of a strong profit motive makes human society constantly progress in science and technology and organization. Investors engaged in the investment, although there are a lot of interest in composition, but the fundamental reason is profit. But, the heart of the profit if treatment is not appropriate, it will stand in the way of profits. The pursuit of profits is such a situation.
The whole of the market limits the investor's maximum profitability, if an investor's investment level temporarily exceeded the maximum profits of the market, will inevitably profitability of the next period of time happens.
When investors regardless of the objective laws to pursue profits, he is bound to take frequent trading or heavy trading strategy. The shortcoming of frequent trading is: make a single transaction decision-making quality to drop, because of the time and energy on the assigned to every decision; Lead to greater investor sentiment volatility, because frequent refueling will inevitably make traders distance is too close to the market, thus vulnerable to market fluctuations of temptation; Increase transaction costs, although a single transaction fee is not high, but the transaction cost and transaction cost the accumulated compound interest is a very big expense.
3, don't jump back to this
Generally, when investors after a loss, are anxious to back this. Around 30%, but losses needs to grow by about 50% to the back. Investors scrambled back into the psychology, in order to in a short period of time to recover losses, traders will inevitably open trade and frequent trade. After the loss, with silver, should be clear about the fact that what is now the capital is the net value of the current accounts, rather than the amount of losses before. Only in this way can make investors forget past transactions, and concentrate on the current transaction.
4, don't take any chances
Traders are in the face of error is not stopped in time, and hope that the external factors such as market to save themselves, the key reason is that they have chances. Because they tend to think that in the face of the loss of time small probability event will occur, they tend to think to profit in the face of the small probability event will not occur. When a fry gold hold fluky psychology hope and survive in the market, the end of bankruptcy has not far from him.