Professional Term

Contracts for differences. Belong to the margin trading in financial markets.
The European central bank.
Shares of another.
Exchange traded funds. Stock market quotation, simulated market index, commodity or bonds, etc.
The Fed
The federal reserve. The U.S. central bank.
The committee
The federal open market committee. Considered part of the fed's control of interest rates in the United States.
Foreign exchange.
Initial public offering. Is a company to issue shares to the public for the first time.
Know your customer. Companies should understand customer's identity, experience and requirements.
Market data sheet.
OCO are cancelled
OCO are cancelled. Build two deity, clinch a deal, if one of the deity, another is automatically cancelled.
The securities and exchange commission (U.S. regulators).
Billions of slang.
The deposit amount of establish positions when needed.
The market price is including purchase price and sale price.
Effective before was cancelled
Before the cancellation is effective, usually refers to an order is no longer valid.
The amount corresponding to the time change.
Reduce the position or positions.
Financial indicators
The government released statistics on the condition of economic development.
Financial leverage
Mean by leverage use small amounts of money to complete a large number of transactions.
Already open the list but haven't unwind.
Over-the-counter (otc). Is not in regular exchange trading market.
When the market excessive buying, prices can't continue to rise.
When the market an oversold, prices can't continue to fall.
Clinch a deal before
Remain in effect until the order to clinch a deal, usually refers to an order is no longer valid.
Now open the list but haven't unwind.
Position cost
Hold positions to the costs of the next trading day. For example: the interest.
The initial deposit
Certain exchanges need to deposit the money.
In addition to interest rates
Shares have no right or obligation to pay interest.
Deposit account of the money.
The effective order
The effective orders, usually refers to an order is no longer valid.
Maturity date
The market will be closed and closed permanently.
Foreign exchange a term often used to represent minimum price increment.
Some bad
The difference between purchase price and sale price.
Usually used to represent the price on the market the smallest increment term.
Global for the GBP/USD currency for the nickname. In 1850, in London submarine cable to New York, start the telegram send currency price is known.
Drop stop
Regulators could allow market most fall.
The order
In currency trading when a specified price is reached.
Order fulfillment
Order has been completed.
A deal to reduce risk.
The bulls
Positions can profit when prices rise.
Anti-money laundering
Anti-money laundering laws. Refers to impose regulations on corporate control, to prevent money laundering.
Varying degrees of some unknown results.
Mean by leverage microfinance is used to implement the big deals.
The fair value
Base price and the theory of the difference in value between the futures price.
Shareholders or board of directors meeting
When a change in company structure or dividend will be held.
The dividend
Profit of shareholders holding shares in the company.
The background
Used to monitor the account and transaction management software, positions, etc.
Order the preset price and actual deviation between the strike price. In the period of abnormal fluctuations, the deviation may get bigger.
Grey market
When the base after the market closed, we can still provide grey market trading.
The fundamental point
Percentage of one percent, one percent, for example. A half percentage is 50 basis points.
The monetary base
Monetary base currency is the currency pairs of the first one. For example, GBP/USD, GBP is the monetary base. If the exchange rate is 1.6350, that is, says one pound (monetary base) to 1.6350 dollars.
The benchmark interest rate
Refers to the official interest rates set by the bank of England.
Profit and loss at sight
Based on the current price of the profit or loss.
Which month
The vast majority of futures contracts can be trading settlement time.
Technical analysis
Look for patterns and trends to help predict the future price trend analysis of the chart and information.
Due to cash physical commodities trading.
Trading range
In a specific period of time the actual transaction of the highest price and lowest price.
Clearing the profit and loss
After unwinding a profit or loss will be settlement in the account.
Financial derivatives
Based on other market prices as a commodity.
Only unwind
Can only be liquidated, cannot take positions.
Net positions
Always hold positions.
In positions profit when prices drop.
Junk bonds,
High yield bonds issued by increasing capital.
Historical trading range
The history of the market price.
Retail investors
Investment or trading of the non-professional customers.
On a huge market but will not affect the flow of buying or selling price.
Lack of liquidity
On the market small but will not affect the flow of buying or selling price.
London interbank offered rate
British commercial bank lending rates each other in 11 o 'clock in the morning every day, have been used by many research institutions around the world.
Purchase price
You buy the price.
Difference between
The difference between the purchase price and sale price.
When you think the market will rise to buy, or flat out before has sold positions.
When do you think the market will fall to sell, or the flat has been buying list.
The price
In a falling market, the customer to sell the commodity price is the price.
Nominal value
Nominal or par value.
Significant errors
Wrong price is executed.
A bull market
Generally refers to the market price rise.
With a specific interest rates at a specified date to buy or sell contracts.
The liquidation
The market will be closed and closed permanently.
Appeared on the market price in the previous price jump.
Intraday trading
Don't open to the second day.
Commercial terms
We GKFX and signed by the legal contract between you.
The total market
The value of the company.
Market orders
At the current price to buy or sell list.
A group of ownership be transferred to another group.
Closing price
The final can clinch a deal the price on the market, this is the "official closing price may be different.
Return on investment.
Number of hand
The default transaction. On MT4 platform, one hand on behalf of 100000 volumes.
Sometime in the future to buy stocks at a specific price.
Quick market
When the market volatility, trading volume, clinch a deal the price may be outside platform quoted price.
The profit and loss
Profit and loss.
Two or more the spread of the market.
The carry
Generally refers to the major currency pairs, such as the Australian dollar/Canadian dollar.
Adjustment to the market price
According to the current market price.
The rate of general price level rose.
The chart
In the form of chart shows before price fluctuation in the track, can also be used to analyze market trends in the future.
Our offer
GKFX provide buying and selling prices.
There is no position
Customer didn't open.
Place the order
When you think the market will rise to buy, or unwind has sold the list.
The spot
Mainly refers to the cash price, mainly for foreign exchange.
The spot price
Based on another market potential market prices.
Limit order
With a better price than current price to buy or sell order.
The related assets
The core of the market related to other commodity prices.
A bear market
Generally refers to the prices of the market.
Break was trading
On basis of trading after the market closed.
Usually the size of the market
General trading in specific markets.
A little bit
Means any minimum price rises on the market.
Mobile stop-loss
When a change in exchange rate to the favorable direction, stop-loss position will change automatically to the favorable direction.
Mobile stop-loss
When a change in exchange rate to the favorable direction, stop-loss position will change automatically to the favorable direction.
Interbank lending rates
Big Banks mutual quote us interest rates.
Stamp duty
When buying a tax levied by the government.
A rights issue
Companies to issue new shares to expand capital.
Stop loss
In a preset price close distance with present price has positions, to stop the loss.
Roll over the delivery
A near the delivery position to the next contract due date for delivery.
Regulators could allow market rises.
Account limits
The highest amount of deposit account.
Support a
From a technical analysis point of view is a long position.
Stop loss
In a less than the current price to buy or sell order. This is usually a new positions, but can be used to unwind (don't hang anything).
Guide price
A guide price, not the real market price.
A basket of weighted market data.
The central bank
A country's monetary policy Banks.
When the account does not have enough margin to maintain positions are available, and you need the remittance in a timely manner to increase available deposit.
From the point of view of technical analysis is a short position.
The largest number of deals
The biggest number of deals at any time.
The lowest price
The market the lowest clinch a deal the price.
The highest
The highest market clinch a deal the price.
The last trading day
The last trading day before its maturity date.