White Lable

  ARES first-class trading platform to provide various types of financial institutions of its exclusive wo plan, to meet the needs of its own specific, and can enjoy the international leading STP/ECN technology, interbank quotations, and orders automatically, and many other advantages. ARES FOREX wo plans to allow customers to create their own brand name, help them establish the brand influence of the foreign exchange market.

  Wo partner is your ideal in financial services, it can provide the high-quality service for the following qualified

  , Banks, insurance companies, brokerage companies, and other interested in foreign exchange and want to rapid development of online trading services of financial institutions.

  , to provide customers with a broader more financial product brokerage and trading company.

  , provide education and foreign currency or futures market analysis of commercial organizations; And hope to attract more customers to expand commercial institutions of the benefit.

  Wo advantage:

  , is expected to generate solid gains

  First-class exclusive platform

  Set your's brand influence in the financial industry

  , to provide customers with more choices to meet its diversified investment demand

  Independent grasp customer information, to protect your customer base

  Set transaction costs and spread

  To provide with your brand name and trademark of advanced trading platform

  Free access to technology, updates and software upgrades

  ARES will provide institutional clients with a series of perfect logistics and marketing support, to help customers tracking performance, building and managing multiple accounts, check the transaction report, etc.

  back-office support

  All of your transactions, including risk management Settings, if already use margin, surplus margin, net assets, net profit and loss, etc all can real-time display platform, all account reports are updated in real time. In addition, you can also access to all of your past transactions, including the flat position, orders and deity, account balances, overnight interest rates to record, real-time margin, net surplus/deficit, and each account transaction information report.

  Marketing support

  We have a rich in resources, management, marketing team, can according to your requirements, for you to tailor your business development strategy. If you have such demand, please contact us, we welcome you to come to discuss all kinds of business, and will serve you wholeheartedly.

  Exclusive platform

  Institutional clients can enjoy our exclusive platform for foreign exchange and precious metals trading operations, the user can according to oneself circumstance, landing platform, at any time to check the account information.

  Our proprietary trading software applies to currency novice, also facilitates the experienced traders, the software has comprehensive chart, can completely customize work space, and perfect technical indicators, trying to find a one-stop solution of the best choice of the institutional clients. In addition, the platform USES the international leading of ARES STP/ECN technology, adopts the direct entry mode, no traders operating system platform, committed to provide users with a more transparent and fair trade execution. In the STP trading environment, users can enjoy the real-time international Banks offer, more efficient platform stability, our five decimal system also provides a more favorable point bad conditions.