Introduce Broker

  Welcome to join ARES FOREX broker cooperation plan, only to introduce us to new customers, can enjoy the commission system! You can by expanding customer base, earn extra pay, to expand your business. Our IB can also enjoy the ARES series of products and services, and professional technology and help.

  Brokers cooperation plans on expanding customer base, is you at the same time to win the best choice for extra pay.

  Why do you choose ARES FOREX?

  Real-time tracking, personalized simulation convenient for our customers form the IB for effective follow-up operations. Each IB in its customer application ARES FOREX true account of the moment, will be immediately notified.

  Trading service and technical support - in market trading hours, we can provide 24-hour online support for your customers.

  Customer management and analysis tools, we provide the perfect back-end services, including instant customer transactions, spread and commission report, volume and cost of the IB, this helps you to better understand month, profit and loss calculation.

  ARES is what kind of brokers cooperation plan?

  ARES foreign exchange service for personal and company provides access to the foreign exchange market - the world's largest financial market for trading opportunities. Through introduce ARES to customer, IB can earn revenue from the customer's trading hands several. Customers can through the ARES Meta Trader trading software to complete the transaction. In addition, the ARES will provide administrative support on the platform, the IB just focus on market access and maintain relationship with customers.

  ARES brokers cooperation plan can be provided for you

  IB can enjoy commission in time

  Trading and technical support, 24 hours

  The IB network support, set up

  Low start-up cost,

  IB can valet financial and management accounts

  Your customers can enjoy the first-class platform trading technology and competitive terms:

  Flexible gearing up to 100:1

  Lock up function,

  , the lowest $1500 into gold

  At the same time, the same account to trade standard and mini hand

  Unlimited hand several transactions, and always executed automatically

  Meticulous customer service

  Help, professional technology and trading

  Free experience, we have zero risk simulation account

  We are looking for partners:

  ARES applies IB brokers cooperation plan:

  Now from the IB, want to get more competitive of the IB system.

  , rich client financial portfolio, in order to get stable income financial consultants, financial planner, and money managers.

  Other investments, traders, such as stock, futures and options, etc.

  Has a stable customer base and good reputation, sales staff or business organizations.

  Individual foreign exchange traders, familiar with other online transactions of foreign exchange experience.

  If you have more questions about the brokers cooperation plan, you can contact with us by sending email to We will wholeheartedly for you to answer all questions.