Access Fee

  The internal transfer between accounts (Internal transfer) no transfer fee of 1 to 3 working days

  Internal transfers between accounts only allow: customers can transfer any number of funds to their own account of the same name;

  Multiple accounts of the same customer to carry out the "associated accounts" after the operation, the transfer will not be through the financial audit, immediately to the account!

  The cup gold after 1 ~ from 3 working days to account fees: the amount of at least 2%, each 30 yuan.

  Prohibit the use of credit card out of the gold, only to allow the use of debit cards or savings card out of gold! Recommend the use of ICBC, China Merchants Bank and other online banking card to complete the gold.

  A gold single state accepted (through), but if the customer is waiting for 3 working days after the funds have not yet received, please bank this time of online banking transactions sent to the customer service email, and specify the relevant circumstances, the message header indicating the XX account debit gold has three days yet arrival, financial re processing for you as soon as possible. (the reason for this is that the bank information is not correct or your bank does not accept our company transfer, need to change other banks to try again)

  The use of intermediaries to provide payment payment solutions (cup) into gold, the principal withdrawals must be 2 working days from the date of the deposit after the party can apply! Because the payment intermediaries need 2 working days to your funds will be remitted to the bank account, and immediately prior to account money is the company for the convenience of customers and advance the transaction. Profits arising from the transaction is not subject to the restrictions, can be extracted at any time.

  The international bank transfer gold at least $100, about 0~50 dollars (handling fees charged by the bank, including the bank transfer for +SWIFT + and other expenses, and the amount of gold has nothing to do, some banks may not accept), to the actual number of actual amount to reach the client bank account shall prevail 3~5 working days to arrive

  Note: some banks within the territory of Chinese may refuse to give customers accounted for refusal reason may involve the public to the private remittances "or" investment company "etc..

  Payweb gold no fee of 1 to 3 working days to arrive

  The LibertyReserve fee of 1%, up to 2.99$1 to 3 working days to arrive

  The MoneyBookers fee of 1% euros, up 0.5 from 1 to 3 working days to arrive

  The WebMoney fee of 0.8%, up to 50$1 to 3 working days to arrive

  AlertPay - no fee of 1 to 3 working days to arrive

  0.5% is 1 ~ - PerfectMoney fee of 3 working days to arrive

  Payment instructions and precautions (be sure to read carefully):

  ARES - FOREX company into gold / gold when customers do not charge any fees, fees are charged more than indicated by the relevant bank or payment platform, this information is for reference only, if changed, please refer to the payment platform or the bank's instructions on the website shall prevail;

  - due to the special nature of the electronic currency (price changes, global supply and other reasons), the company has the right to require customers to use UnionPay or bank transfer payment;

  - where the use of bank cards into gold and gold customers, bank card and identity information must be ARES FOREX trading account identity information, the company does not allow any third party except the client himself outside of ARES FOREX trading account entry or cash operation! If customers use the identity of the third party payment account operation. I am responsible for the consequences by the customer!

  If a customer company audit departments suspected of money laundering, the company has the right to let the customer with UnionPay or international bank transfer withdrawals, to confirm his identity and ARES FOREX account information is consistent.

  The company has the right to verify the identity of customers, in order to ensure the safety of funds account. Verification methods include telephone contact, video authentication, etc.;

  - please ensure customer registration information in the phone is correct and effective, when companies need to contact customers to do video authentication or the company found the customer withdrawals submitted incorrect information, the company will be in contact with the customer, if left for customer contact phone is wrong to contact the customer within 24 hours, the company have the right to cancel the payment for customers, and specify reasons for refusal. In order to make the client transfer smoothly, please keep the phone open, submit the application in gold. Thank you! (if the customer registered in the account when the phone number is wrong or the replacement of a new number, please send an email to the customer service email application to modify. )