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Golden process and matters needing attention
When a customer in Ares Forex account, Ares Forex will send email to customers, email content including: trading account, password and remittance information. If the customer haven't received the email in two working days, please as soon as possible and Ares Forex (or your agent) contact information and check your email. Customers can use net silver international remittances, international bank wire transfer into gold. Ares Forex receiving account applicant's remittance money only. Ares Forex doesn't receive the third party other than the account holder of the remittance.
Bank remittance
When customer open the Australian dollar or dollar account, can only be carried out in accordance with the relevant currency bank remittance, please let us know when the remittance, need not converted into other currencies. A common question bank wire transfer
Q: the customer in the bank will charge a fee for t/t?
A: yes, the remittance bank will charge the corresponding remittance poundage.
Q: why did the customer pay a fee when the remittance, but sometimes money into account after the funds will be less $15 to 30?
A: in the international remittance, and many times the cash flow, not transferred directly to the collecting bank, but midway through transfer bank. When the money through a bank transfer, the transfer bank will charge a $15 to 30 transfer bank charges. If via multiple Banks, will be more transfer bank fee.
Q: how do you know if money has been deposited in?
A: when you are in accordance with the Ares Forex provided to your trading account number and password landing after trading platform, found that shows the funds in the account balances, it indicates that the client money already booked.
Q: how long will the remittance to the account?
A: generally speaking, the customer in 2-3 working days after the remittance, money can be received. If this via the bank remittance, 1 working day is likely to be extended.
Q: can I exchange through deposit funds?
A: Ares Forex don't accept deposit funds through exchange. In terms of money laundering activities, these financial institutions are regarded as belonging to high-risk categories. Through this method deposit of money will be refund after received.
Q: which deposits would be seen as a third party?
A: by the trading account holder, outside account is A deposit of A third party.
The gold process and matters needing attention
By submitting a completed and signed personal, joint account fund request form, the client may from Ares Forex trading account to extract money. Customers can through the Ares Forex website to download individual, joint account fund request form, electronic. Scan to send the form to or letter submitted to Ares Forex.
Ares Forex in within 48 hours after receipt of the application for customers out of gold, gold for you. When the Ares Forex out of gold for the customer after 2-3 working days, money to customer bank account.
Ares Forex will not pay money to a third party. Withdrawals submitted to customer bank account by t/t only. The withdrawal will not be deposited in the credit card.