Privacy Policy

The information you have gathered Ares

Ares can collect nonpublic personal information including:
(1) the information provided by the customers to open accounts or transactions, such as name, address, assets, bank information, previous experience in trading, etc.;
(2) used to verify the identity of customers information, such as passport, driver's license and a credit report copies of identity materials issued by the government;
(3) customer and Ares or Ares of related party transactions of information, such as the gold and the gold watch;
(4) the customer visit and use the Ares website and online platform of information, including account trading statements.
Ares disclosures and Ares object of the disclosure
Ares is not disclosed to anyone about our customers and past customers' nonpublic personal information, unless the law allows. For example, in providing financial services to you, Ares in the legal permission to non-affiliated third party information. This includes your credit report issued by the consumer reporting agencies. In addition, Ares in law cases to the government or regulators to provide information, and to comply with subpoenas, court order, subpoena or similar legal process, audit or investigation and provide the information. We can also according to your authorized to disclose your nonpublic personal information.
Confidentiality and security program
Only to complete certain trades, it becomes necessary to obtain information of the personnel shall have the right to access information. Ares, its staff and its affiliated parties shall strictly abide by the safety practices and procedures to customer information confidential. For previous clients, Ares will according to its still for clients in the same way to protect its nonpublic personal information. But, different from existing customers, clients will not receive annual privacy notice. As long as customers to maintain their accounts in Ares, Ares will provide a copy of our privacy policy to inform every year. Ares reserves the right to revise the policy. If encounter deposit ambiguity of language, the terms of the agreement the English version shall prevail.